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SJ has a sweet Tudor-style house on the corner of two busy cross streets in North Asheville. The kitchen door, which is one of the ones she often used to enter and exit her home, was entirely exposed to public view, giving her no privacy whatsoever. SJ’s wanted to build some privacy walls on the corner. We walked together around her property and she was explained to me what she wanted. She would stop and say, “I’d like a column here … and here.” We’d walk along further and she continued to share an overview of what she envisioned. I worked with her to include all the elements she wanted and I also had a lot of latitude to give her feedback and suggestions, which she found helpful. I make a point of checking in with clients often. What I really enjoy and appreciate about working with people is this quality of connection, understanding and trust that develops in working this way. Something more beautiful than either of can imagine is what results.




In addition to the corner courtyard, SJ’s project evolved into additional steps, small walls, and a gate, all of which revealed themselves as the privacy walls were being created.





The end result was a lovely, very private, outdoor living space, with a charming walled garden, that is easily accessible from many parts of the property. There are a variety of places to sit alone or visit with friends and family. The courtyard and gate also increased the security of her property.

On one side of the patio, near the door, SJ worked with a carpenter to build a pergola for comfortable sitting area. This area was about 10 – 12 feet above the backyard; it helped support the enclosed feeling of the courtyard, but also allowed SJ to look out over her backyard, below. And all of this was still private from anyone who walked or drove by.


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