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LK contacted me when she was early in the process of remodeling her house, which is located approximately 10 – 15 feet below street level. She had hired a grading contractor to clear and re-grade the land around her home. The earth was bare and it was winter.


The area had been receiving a lot of rainfall and LK was worried that the freshly moved soil would slip down toward the house. Also, her property is located at a place in the block where the street water runoff can sometimes pour onto her property, down to her home.


We chose to build a small mortared wall with a concrete footer at the top of the property, to help deflect the street runoff. The final design has three stone terraces with a set of snaking curvy steps that wound and descended from the street level, through the small wall, to deliver the visitor to the front door.




This was a large project and it took my helper and me approximately three months to complete. LK was very happy with the end result and had a great time planting flowers, bushes and small trees in all the curved terraces, once the project was done.

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