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I had the pleasure of collaborating with two clients towards the end of my time of years of working directly with stone.
D & W have an older home in North Asheville on a busy road. There is no parking allowed on that street anymore, so the main access to their property is from the rear of the house, by way of a small alleyway. The existing steps were very steep and the climb down to the patio was a little scary. They wanted to change the backyard to have multiple areas of access and to include one long, inclined, wheel-chair accessible sidewalk that would wind from the top of the backyard to the bottom. As they walked, they envisioned various pockets of gardens and statuary. D & W also wanted to include a water feature that would pass through the top walkway on its way to the bottom pool near the patio below.

We didn’t begin with a solid plan. The clients had ideas about a few of the features and some of the details of what they wanted. But they had done enough projects together in the past to have the confidence to dive into major projects without a full plan and to be able to create something beautiful. I was touched that they trusted me enough to work with them in this way, without any of us really knowing what the final project would look like.

Here are some before photos of their backyard:
D & W #1

D & W #2

Here are some photos of the yard once construction had begun:

D & W #3

We all met together each morning to share how the project was “working on us” and we would decide how to proceed from there that day.

Here are some pictures of the final product:

D & W #5

D & W #6

D & W #7

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