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About Joe Roberts

redshsirtJoe Roberts, a native of North Carolina, is an artist and avid nature lover.
He has always enjoyed being outdoors. His “work” career began as a boy, helping his grandmother in the gardens and with the landscaping. His first paid job was working at Rufty’s Garden Shop in Salisbury, NC. There, he continued learning about plants and the materials of landscaping, and also about his own emerging gift of how to make something beautiful that is also functional.

In 1976, Joe graduated from Haywood Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Forest Management. He pursued a career as a Forest Ranger until the 80’s, when he returned to the field of landscaping. After working with a few landscape companies, Joe started his own business, Bluebird Landscaping, in the mid-80’s.

During the slow times in the winter, Joe pursued his hobby of pottery. One of the pots he created, which became the body of a ceramic drum called a dumbek, was to take him down the path of drum making and teaching drumming. Moving to the west and eventually settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Joe taught drumming for ten years and had a lucrative drum making business called Drumworks (he has made over 1,500 African and Native American drums). Also in Santa Fe, he met his lovely wife, Debra.

jostackAfter a short period of living in southern California, Joe and Debra returned to Joe’s native land of Western North Carolina, where he reconnected with his old friend David Reed. After apprenticing for two years with his stonemason friend, Joe started his own business in 2000, Stoneweaver Stonescapes. Joe realized he can naturally “see” how stones fit together. He loves to combine his talent of working with natural materials and his artistic abilities with a client’s vision, creating “stone masterpieces” in their homes and gardens. Joe has spent 15 years working to create more beautiful spaces with his clients, whom he treasures. Some samples of his work are on the various portfolio pages on this website.

In 2015, Joe took a sabbatical to explore other forms of artistic expression, which he is actively pursuing. And his love of working with people to manifest their stoneweaving, gardening and landscaping dreams continues, now in the form of consulting. He invites you to contact him and welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

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